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Write a sentence that explains the relationship between the two numbers. 5/1/2 + 14 (5/1/2 + 14) x 1/4 . My answer was they are all whole numbers am I correct

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    You will need brackets to properly identify the order of operations.

    you probably mean :
    5/(1/2) + 14( 5/(1/2) + 14)(1/4)

    which is
    10 + 14(10+14)/4
    = 10 + 60
    = 70

    As to the relationship between the two number ???
    yes, you are right, they are both whole numbers
    they are both multiples of 10
    the 2nd is 6 times as large as the first
    They are in the ratio of 1 : 6

    As to the 5/1/2
    this could mean
    (5/1)/2 = 5/2 = 2.5
    5/(1/2) like I thought it would be
    = 5(2/1) = 10

    try it with something like
    12/3/2 on your calculator, typing it just in that way,
    youwill get 2
    but 12/(3/2) = 8
    and you will see my point.

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    Ok thank u

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