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find (i) the total no. of neutrons and (ii) the total mass of neutrons in 7mg o^14C. (assume that the mass of a neutron = mass of a hydrogen atom)

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    mols = grams/molar mass
    0.007g/14 = ? mols C14 atoms
    There are 7 neutrons/atom; therefore,
    # mols x 7 = ? mols neutrons.
    There are 6.02E23 neutrons for each mol of neutrons; therefore,
    mols neutrons x 6.02E23 neutrons/mol = # neutrons.

    mass of those neutrons = # neutrons x mass of H atom.

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    In 14g of 14^C,no.of neutrons =8NA
    In 1g of 14C,no.of neutrons =8NA/14

    1)the total no.of neutrons in 7mg of 14^C= 7/1000×4/7×6×10^20
    2)given mass of a neutron=mass of 1 Hydrogen atom=1 amu
    Mass of 24×10^20 neutrons=1×24×10^20×1.6×10^-24 g
    =0.0004 g

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