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projectile motion

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A missile is fired upwards from the top of a cliff in a direction making an angle (not known ) with the horizontal. After 20seconds the projectile hits the ground at a point which is 1800metre from the foot of the tower of height 160metres. Find the angle of projection and the initial velocity of the projection and the maximum height?

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    we know that the path follows

    x(t) = v cosθ t
    y(t) = 160 + v sinθ t - 4.9t^2

    I will assume that the cliff and the tower are the same, otherwise I'm confused.

    x(20) = 1800
    y(20) = 0


    20v cosθ = 1800
    20v sinθ = 1800
    Clearly θ = π/4 and v = 127.28 m/s

    y = 160 + 90t - 4.9t^2
    so at t=9.18 the max height of 573.27m is attained.

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