USA Colonists History

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|rich soil
|available land
|sea life
|fresh water
|minerals such as water

Many people from Europe came to North America during the 1600s and 1700s to explore the land and make money. using information from the chart above and your own knowledge, describe TWO ways people could use some of the natural resources in North America (listed above) to make money.

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    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

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    i think that

    1. They could trade the things they dig, find and then sell it.
    2. They could make materials from the trees they find, etc., and sell them.

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    catch cod, sell it in the West Indies and Europe

    catch beavers, sell fur in Europe

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    thx, but what about the land?

  • USA Colonists History -

    What do people do in the dirt?

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    The English had a serious problem finding tall white pines for masts in Europe, particularly when they were having trouble with countries around the Baltic Sea.
    I do not do land, sorry.

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    ... or fresh water :)

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