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A block of mass m = 0.605 kg is fastened to an unstrained horizontal spring whose spring constant is k = 67.5 N/m. The block is given a displacement of +0.120 m, where the + sign indicates that the displacement is along the +x axis, and then released from rest.
(a) What is the force (magnitude and direction) that the spring exerts on the block just before the block is released?

(b) Find the angular frequency ω of the resulting oscillatory motion.

(c) What is the maximum speed of the block?

(d) Determine the magnitude of the maximum acceleration of the block.

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    a. What is kx?
    c. Max speed of block? 1/2 m v^2=kx

    solve for v

    b. Isn't there a standard formula for resonant freuency with a mass on a spring?

    d. max acceleration: F=ma

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