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how would you do this question
when i did it i did -log(1.0) but that is just 0 so what it the procedure to do this question

Calculate the pH of a 1.0 mol/L aqueous solution of sodium benzoate. Note: Only the benzoate ion affects the pH of the solution.

  1. DrBob222

    Benzoate ion hydrolyzes in water to form a solution that is not neutral.
    If we call the benzoate ion Bz^-, then
    .........Bz^- + HOH ==> HBz + OH^-

    Kb for Bz^- = (Kw/Ka for HBz) = x*x/(1-x) and solve for x = (OH^-),then convert to pH.
    HBz is benzoic acid. You can find Ka for HBz in you text/notes I'm sure but it's approx 10^-5.

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