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How many people died from the epidemic each month in the United States?

*how many people died altogether
-come 675,000 Americans died altogether

how many people died on each continent?

i can't find these last two questions

  • u.s. history -

    What epidemic? When?

    What does this mean?
    *how many people died altogether
    -come 675,000 Americans died altogether "

  • u.s. history -

    influenza epidemic

    sorry " by the time this wave of influenza passed some 675,000 Americans died altogether "

  • u.s. history -

    One of the deadliest in modern history was the Influenza Epidemic that began in 1918-1919.

  • u.s. history -

    An average of a little over 100,000 people died per month that the Spanish flu raged in the U.S.

    We don't know for sure how many died on each continent, but this article has some good estimates.


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