I may fail the 8th grade?

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My home life has been crazy so I missed a lot of school and got bad grades. My anxiety is through the roof right now and i'm shaking a lot. all i need to do is get a 75% in math. and i just can't this is my biggest fear I can't see how life goes on after failing a grade. I guess this is a cry for help but maybe not because no one can help me. I think just need someone to know.

  • I may fail the 8th grade? -

    Rather than sitting around and stewing, you need to go and talk to people. Real people, face to face. Talk to your math teacher. Talk to your counselor.

  • I may fail the 8th grade? -

    1. Take a deep breath.

    2. I may be able to help.

    3. post questions on your homework here and either ms.sue will help or me.

    BTW HELP we wont give you the answers but we will ensure help and explanations and you will get it right

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