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Function/ Human Structure/ Plant Structure

1. Gas exchange 1. lungs 1.Stoma
2. Circulation 2. Blood vessels 2.Xylem
3. Water intake 3. mouth 3.Roots
4. Energy intake 4. mouth 4.Chloroplasts
5. Internal support 5. skeleton 5.Stem
6. Energy Storage 1. Fat cells 1. Vacuole
7. Energy Conversion 7. Mitochondria 7. Leaves

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    First, I'm not a biologist and I suggest you confirm these. From what I can find on the web I think 1,2,3,5,and 6 are correct. I'm wondering if an alternate choice in 4 is leaves and an alternate choice in 7 is chloroplasts. If so I would consider reversing the answers on those.

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