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Questions 1–4 correspond to "One."

1. What is the best interpretation of the following stanza from the poem "One"?
Nobody can get into my clothes for me / or feel my fall for me, or do my running. / Nobody hears my music for me, either.

A. You cannot count on anybody else.
B. Some people just want to be left alone.
C. People do not care about other people's real feelings.*****
D. Each person has his or her own unique experiences and feelings.

2. What makes using an image of a photocopy machine an interesting choice, given the theme of this poem?

A. Photocopy machines are common objects that most people can identify and use.
B. Photocopy machines reproduce the same images, making those images the opposite of unique.
C. Photocopy machines are inanimate objects, incapable of feelings.
D. Photocopy machines are mostly used in business places.

3. Which of the following is an example of the skill of connecting?

A. The poem "One" is about valuing one's unique way of experiencing life.
B. I really like the use of repetition in the poem "One."
C. The poem reminds me of the time I learned that I don't have to be like everybody else.
D. The author mentions fingerprints because they are unique to each person.

4. The reference to mirrors to signify soulless reproduction, as opposed to originality, is an example of

A. symbolism.
B. figurative language.
C. meter.
D. rhythm.

True or False

5. Monitoring comprehension by rereading can be especially useful in understanding the meaning of difficult words.


The poem One is not a poetic story. It is not a story in my textbook. That's all there is to it, a random story, a random stanza. No backstory to the stanza. Sorry.
pls help asap!!!

  • LA - pls help asap! -

    actually, #1 is D

  • pls help!!! (more answers) -

    #2 is B??? (or C)
    #3 is A...? (or maybe C)

  • last answer - pls check asap!!!!! -

    #4 is B

  • LA - pls help asap! -

    We can't help you because none of us has read "One."

  • LA - pls help asap! -

    i got it:)

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