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1. A student who toiled at school would probably
get good grades.****
play a lot of sports.
get suspended.

2. Read the following paragraph from Coming to America. Then answer question 2.

"In my hometown of Ting Jiang, in southeastern China, people always said that America was very good, like some kind of wonderland. They said you could have a good life here. So when my mother, my brother, and I flew into New York City’s LaGuardia Airport, I was so happy. It was night, and I thought, 'This city is so good, so beautiful.' I knew at that moment my life would be changing. I thought it would be great.”

Why do you think Jin Hua began her account as she did?

She wanted readers to understand what she’d been expecting, and how it differed from what she found.***
She wanted readers to understand that life in America was exactly as people told her.
She wanted readers to understand that she didn’t know what to believe when she landed in America.

My Answers
1. good grades
2. what she expected was different from what she found

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    I agree.

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    Thank You Again Ms.Sue I really Appreciate It! I'm trying to finish up my classes but I want to make sure I get the best grade possible, so i'm double checking everything that im unsure of.

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    :-) Good luck!

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