Language Arts (CHECK ANSWERS)

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1. You already know that Anansi is a trickster. What does this tell you about the outcome of the folktale? (1 point)

A: Everything will turn out the best possible way for all the characters.
B: Everything will turn out the best possible way for Anansi.
C: Anansi’s overconfidence will cause him to get into trouble.
D: The other characters will not be tricked by Anansi.

2. What does Anansi use to get what he wants? (1 point)

A: pity
B: strength
C: money
D: cunning

3. How do all the creatures in the story seem to feel about Anansi at first? (1 point)

A: They fear him.
B: They trust him.
C: They think he is funny.
D: They dislike him.

4. Which of the following words most likely comes from Africa? (1 point)

A: boutique
B: safari
C: violin
D: allegro

5. Which of the following sentences follows capitalization rules? (1 point)

A: Anansi returned to the forest and cut a long Bamboo Pole and some Strong Vines.
B: He took his gourd full of hornets to nyame, the sky God.
C: Anansi heard the sound of the leopard falling, and he said: “ah, Osebo, you are half-foolish!”
D: When Onini, the python, heard Anansi talking to himself, he said: “Why are you arguing this way with yourself?”

6. Which of the following is a simple sentence? (1 point)

A: So Anansi laid the pole on the ground, and the python came and stretched himself out beside it.
B: He wrapped the vine all around Onini until the python couldn't move.
C: He went home and made his plans.
D: In that case.


  • Language Arts (CHECK ANSWERS) -

    I believe you are correct :) Anyone else know? lol

  • Language Arts (CHECK ANSWERS) -

    Please help :( I'm running out of time !

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