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what way would the line face with the linear equation y=-1/3x+5?
A)A line going through the 5 up to the right
B)A line going down from 5
c)A line going through -5 and up
D)A line going through positive 1 and to the left.

Is it d

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    graph the line
    when x = 0 , y = 5
    when x = 15 , y = 0

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    so then is it A

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    no, it goes down to the right

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    would the coordinates be 1,6 or 0,5

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    Ha! Gwen from spider man :3

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    it goes through (0,5) and (15,0)
    I do not know what you mean by coordinates or where those numbers come from

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    slope is NEGATIVE 1/3

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    I'm confused is it through 0,5 or 1\3

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