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ways in which life changed on the home front during WWI.

can i put that it caused everyone to ration. most ppl would plant victory garden and buy good in stores to send to the troops. everyone had stamp book which they could buy things in the store. kids and wife were dependent on the husbands so that changed they had to do the mans duties and some even got the mens jobs.

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    Do you men WW1 or WW2 ????
    Your answers apply to WW2
    Not sure about WW1, was not there, but it was short for the USA (NOT for Europe !! ) and did not require the home front mobilization of WW2

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    its for ww1

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    what do you mean "did not require the home front mobilization of WW2"

    then what should i put its

    ways in which life changed on the home front during WWI.
    and which one had a lasting effect. expalin

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    Well I see that Victory gardens and stamp ration books for example were used in both wars, but sorry, I do not know enough about WW1 in the USA to help.

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    oh ok thank you

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    We entered WW1 toward the end of the war and the country was not nearly so involved in WW1 as in WW2.

    After WW1 tough, we were a major nation on the world stage because the arrival of American troops in France was crucial to the allied victory.

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    Women had a larger role at home during WWI, and they continued to have some of these jobs and rights.

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