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Which resource would be the best choice to learn more information about studying martial arts?

dance studio ***
local bait shop
phone book
public golf course

2. At the 8th grade dance, Myron asks Janelle if she would like to dance with him seconds before
Octavio asks Janelle to dance as well. Janelle has been waiting for Octavio to ask her to dance all evening long.
Janelle should handle this situation in a socially acceptable way by telling

Myron she is very tired and dancing with Octavio across the room after Myron walks away.
Octavio she will dance with him after her one dance with Myron, as he has asked first. ***
Octavio and Myron to get her some punch and the fastest to return gets to dance with her.
Tell both the boys that she doesn't really want to dance.

3. Carmen is known for having excellent sportsmanship on the baseball diamond. Even after striking out, Carmen displays a good attitude
and respects himself, other players, and the equipment. Which scenario demonstrates that Carmen respects the equipment during a baseball game even
if he doesn’t get a hit?

carrying the bat back to the dugout and placing it in the rack without incident****
flinging the bat across the grass toward his team’s dugout
snapping the bat across his thigh during an angry outburst
striking the bat against the wall of the dugout to release his frustration

4. During a tennis match, Olivia thinks she hit a perfect serve which was just barely inbounds. However, her opponent called it out.
How can Olivia show proper etiquette in this situation?

Mention that her opponent might need a new set of glasses.
Roll her eyes and then stare at her opponent for several seconds.
Smash her racquet on the ground as she gets ready to serve the next ball.
Take the other player’s word. ***

5. Nadia’s softball team had the bases loaded in the last inning when her friend Felicia struck out to end the game. How can Nadia demonstrate responsible
behavior in this situation?

Ask the coach, in front of the whole team, why she didn’t put a pinch hitter in for Felicia.
Comfort Felicia with a word of encouragement about her excellent effort. ****
Confront Felicia and let her know that the team would have won had she not struck out.
Ignore Felicia and walk to the locker room as quickly as possible to forget the loss.

6. Sylvia and Maurice are playing a racquet sport and are matched against each other. Maurice hits the shuttlecock over the five foot high net and awaits
Sylvia’s return. Select the sport they are playing.

badminton ***
beach paddleball

. A left-handed tennis player has an obvious weakness returning the ball when it is on the right side of her body.
Her opponent should force her to hit what type of shot to take advantage of this weaker skill?


8. Kisha lives on a peninsula and close to the shore. She is fortunate to have a lot of activities at her disposal for recreational opportunities.
Her friend, Bart, told her about some new equipment that he was given by his aunt. They used the equipment to explore underneath the water for thirty nonstop
minutes while they were

cliff diving.
free diving.
scuba diving. ***
wind surfing.

9. Shearon was walking to practice at the park when she ran into an old friend from elementary school who had moved away and was now back in her neighborhood.
Her friend was surprised to see that Shearon had what looked like a wooden candy cane in her athletic bag, along with shin guards and cleats. Shearon explained
she was playing for the local club team, which had just started practice that week, and asked her old friend if she wanted to go with her. Analyzing the equipment
that Shearon had in her bag, her friend concluded she was on her way to practice

Association football.
field hockey. ***
tug of war.

10. The sport of Association football is quite different from football in American culture. In the statements provided, select the one in which Association
football and American football are not similar.

having players wear cleated shoes
having players kick the ball during the game
using a ball that is not a sphere ****
using sidelines to mark out of bounds

11. As mixed-doubles teammates in tennis, Kara and Tran are trying to devise their best strategy against an opponent that has two excellent servers but his
physical fitness level is not as good as Kara and Tran’s. How can Kara and Tran use their superior cardiovascular endurance to win the match?

Use the entire court to place serve returns.
Use a short drop shot when their opponents are close to the net.
Use a long baseline shot when their opponents are far away from the net. ****
all of the above

12. Jade is assigned the task of guarding the flags for her team while playing a game of capture the flag. To have the best chance at protecting her team’s
flags from being taken, how should she position her body during this fast-paced game?

behind the flags so she can see when the opponents are making a run at them
behind the jail area
beside the flags and next to the jail
between the flags and the center line of the field ***

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