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The human endocrine system is made up of which of the following structures? (1 point)
2. Which of the following best describes the function of the endocrine system? (1 point)
It secretes chemical messengers that travel through the blood to signal changes at target cells.
It binds chemical messengers that travel through the blood from target cells.
It releases electrical impulses that travel through body cells to signal changes at target cells.
It converts chemical messages into electrical impulses to signal changes at target cells.
3. A hormone is under negative feedback regulation. This hormone stimulates water retention by the body. Which of the following will happen if water levels in the body get too high? (1 point)
Hormone levels will increase.
Hormone levels will decrease.
Antibodies will form.
The kidneys will filter out more urea.
4. Which of the following is true about diabetes? (1 point)
The pancreas overproduces glucose, and so insulin must be injected to reduce glucose levels.
The pancreas underproduces glucose, and so insulin must be injected to increase glucose levels.
The pancreas overproduces insulin, and so glucose must be injected to regulate insulin levels.
The pancreas underproduces insulin, and so insulin must be injected to regulate glucose levels.
5. How do the circulatory system and the endocrine system interact in helping to maintain homeostasis in humans? (1 point)
The endocrine system produces hormones that are transported by the circulatory system to target cells when changes are needed.
The circulatory system provides a way to transport cellular waste products to the endocrine system, which disposes of them.
The endocrine system provides a storage site for excess raw materials needed by cells, and the circulatory system provides a means for transporting them.
The circulatory system signals to target cells in the endocrine system when changes need to be made to maintain balance in the body.
6. Which of the following lists the phases in the correct order with respect to their occurrence in human development?

a – maturation of ovaries and testes
b – loss of muscle tissue
c – development of problem-solving skills
d – learning to walk (1 point)
c, b, d, a
b, a, c, d
d, c, a, b
a, d, b, c

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