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1. How did new England's textile industry affect both children and women?
a) It allowed them to earn a living wage until the age of 25. *****
b) It gave them opportunities not available on family farms.
c) It permitted them to complete their schooling.
d) It provided long-term employment even after marriage.

2. The new boundary line set by the Adams-Onis Treaty had which of these affects?
a) It created a system of dual governance in Florida.
b) It represented the completion of Manifest Destiny.
c) It began the decline of Spain's New World empire.
d) It allowed the United States to develop Florida's resources.

3. Why would a Seminole not like the United States honoring the memory of Andrew Jackson?
a) He fought wars against them and eventually forced them to move to Oklahoma. ****
b) He fought against them and prospected for natural gas in Seminole lands.

4. Which of these resources became an important issue in Florida in the 1800s due to an increase in settlers?
a) citrus fruit
b) labor
c) land****
d) water

5. What was the main negative impact of the invention of the cotton gin?
a) It created pollution because it was powered by fuel
b) It created massive population growth in the Southern states.
c) It increased the demand for slaves and made slaves for slaves more valuable.
d) It required interchangeable parts which were expensive to produce.****

6. What is one of the main economic effects of a tariff increase?
a) reduced productivity
b) higher prices for consumers
c) increased wages for workers
d) decreased profits for domestic industries.

7. New England was a good starting place for American textile manufacturing for what reason?
a) There were no more ports within easy access.
b) It was the birthplace of Francis Cabot Lowelll.
c) Rocky soil made the area inadequate for farming.
d) Most manufacturing products were being shipped overseas.*****

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