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how is the equator similar to the prime meridian
A. both the prime meridian and equator are lines that divide earth into norther and southern hemispheres

B. both the prime meridian and equator are imaginary base lines from which locations of earth can be measured

D. both the prime meridian and equator are symbols used in maps

E. both the prime meridian and equator show the actual size and shape of continents

  1. Ms. Sue

    I'll be glad to check your answer.

  2. mary

    i think it is b

  3. mary

    a land form characterized by high elevation and a more or less level surface is called


    3.which of the following statements about topography is correct

    A. The topography of an area includes the area's elevation, relief, and land forms

    B. The topography of an area includes the area's oceans and seas

    C. The topography of an area includes the area's weather climate and land forms

    D. The topography of an area includes the area's fossils rocks and minerals

    4. the distance in degrees east or west of the prime meridian is called

    A. latitude
    B. axis
    C. equator
    D. longauide

  4. Ms. Sue

    Yes. The first answer is b.

    What about the others?

  5. Anonymous

    A i don't know and i think D

  6. lydia

    i think its b

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  12. lilybelle

    Which of the following statement about topography is correct

  13. lilybelle

    Which statement is true about topography is correct

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