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Chemistry ASAP

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Using a table of standard electrode potentials (such as the one in your textbook), calculate the
standard cell potential for a cell made by placing a zinc electrode in a Zn2+(aq) solution which is
connected by an electrolyte to a Ag+
(aq) solution containing a silver electrode. Show your work.

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    Look up the reduction potential for Zn^2+ + 2e ==> Zn(s) in your text. Reverse the sign.
    Add that to the reduction potential for
    Ag^+ + e ==> Ag(s)
    That potential will be for the reaction of
    Zn(s) + 2Ag^+(aq) ==> 2Ag(s) + Zn^2+(aq)

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    reduction potential for the Zn is -.76 for Ag it is .80
    so i take the Zn change the sign so it it .76 then i go

    .76+.80=1.56 does this sound right?

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