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A solution is made by dissolving 811.0 cg of barium hydroxide, Ba(OH)2, in 0.1137 kg of water. What is the concentration in parts per million?

I know the equation is:
ppm= (mass of solute/mass of solution)10^6

Does the mass need to be in g or kg?

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    Convert 811 cg to kilograms
    811.0 cg = 811.0/100 g = 8.110/1000 kg
    =0.008110 kg
    Then use formula to calculate concentration in ppm.
    Keep the answer to 4 significant figures.

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    6. The solubility of salt 'A' in water at 60°C is 27.5 g. Find out how much of the same salt will dissolve in 75.5 g of water at 60°C (2 Marks)

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