health pllz help me i have trouble

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1. Haley is excited about a new activity she learned about while surfing the Internet called orienteering. Which community group would most likely be able to give her a good start in this activity? (1 point)church youth group
dance team
drama club
Girl Scouts

2. Select the community facility that allows for participation in extreme sports. (1 point)bowling alley
golf course
skate park

3. Winston’s baseball team had the bases loaded in the last inning when his friend Freddie watched three straight pitches go by without swinging and was called out on strikes to end the game. How can Winston demonstrate responsible behavior in this situation? (1 point)Ask the coach sarcastically, in front of the team, if he gave Freddie the take sign.
Confront Freddie and let him know that the team would have won if he could hit.
Ignore Freddie both after the game and the next day at school.
Tell Freddie that no one is perfect and to keep his confidence up.

4. Malcolm was playing golf with some friends. The game became quite competitive, and Malcolm was focused on earning bragging rights by beating his friends with the lowest score. After hitting his tee shot into an area that was close to out of bounds with very tall grass, Malcolm found a golf ball among the weeds. As he looked at the ball, he realized it wasn’t the ball he hit from the tee. How can Malcolm demonstrate appropriate etiquette in this friendly golf game? (1 point)Admit that he cannot find his ball and go back to the tee box to hit another one.
Hit the ball that he found because he is sure his ball is close by, but the grass is too tall to see it.
Kick the ball he found into the open and take a penalty stroke if he is at least two shots ahead.
Tell his playing group that he is not going to stop looking for his ball no matter how long it takes.

5. Percy’s body mass index (BMI) score is 30. As a long term goal, he wants to be in the healthy zone and decrease his BMI by 20 percent. What will Percy’s new score be when he reaches his goal? (1 point)24

6. Pilar and Jorge are choosing teams at the field in their neighborhood where all the kids gather to play baseball. A new girl shows up one day to play with some cleats that have a small tear in the toe area and an older glove with strings hanging off the webbing. The girl is also speaking a language which sounds like it might be Vietnamese to Pilar and Jorge. When choosing teams, Pilar and Jorge show acceptance and respect for diversity by assuming the new girl is (1 point)a baseball fan and ready to play since she brought her equipment.
a poor fielder based on her older equipment.
a weak hitter because she’s a shorter female.
unfamiliar with baseball rules, as she doesn’t speak the same language.

7. Penny has been participating in a water aerobics class this year for her physical education elective. Her heart and lungs are in fantastic shape. What benefit is Penny realizing due to this regular participation in her water aerobics class? (1 point)improved cardiovascular endurance
improved power
increased reaction time
increased speed

8. Which of the following interactions represent positive peer pressure? (1 point)George asks Kevin to try smoking a cigarette.
Sally convinces Stephanie to pick on the new student on their softball team.
Tracy invites Joey to a party without any parents present.
Jorge asks Kendra to help at a local soup kitchen.

9. How can you lose weight? (1 point)Increase the intake of calories and increase exercise.
Increase the intake of calories and reduce exercise.
Reduce the intake of calories and increase exercise.
Reduce the intake of calories and reduce exercise.

  • health pllz help me i have trouble -

    My answers
    Are my answers correct plz help

  • health pllz help me i have trouble -

    I disagree with your answer for 5. The others are right.

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