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x -1 -1 -2 -2

y 0 -1 2 3Part A: Does the table represent a relation that is a function? Justify your answer by using the values shown in the table. (4 points)

Part B: The function f(h) shown below represents the number of tennis matches Diana won each month when she practiced tennis for h hours every day.

If f(h) = 3h + 1

Calculate and interpret the meaning of f(3). (4 points)

Part C: Write an ordered pair to represent the input and output of the function in Part B when Diana practices tennis for b hours every day. (2 points)

  1. Steve

    the table does not represent a function, since you have

    y(-1) = 0 and y(-1) = -1

    All ordered pairs must have a unique x value.

    f(h) = 3h+1, so
    f(3) = 3(3)+1 = 10
    she wins 10 matches if she practices 3 hours a day.

    The only question I have is, if she spends all that time practicing, how does she have time for (at least) 10 tennis matches?

    f(b) = 3b+1, so the pair is (b,3b+1)

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