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Can someone check my answer?

The change in the momentum of an object (Δ p) is given by the force, F, acting on the object multiplied by the time interval that the force was acting: Δ p = F Δt .

If the force (in newtons) acting on a particular object is given by F(t)=cost , what’s the total change in momentum of the object from time t = 5 until t = 7 seconds?

A) 0.402 newton•sec
B) 0.708 newton•sec <----
C) 0.909 newton•sec
D) 1.416 newton•sec
E) 1.616 newton•sec

  • Calculus -

    integral f(t) dt from 5 to 7

    sin 7 - sin 5 = .657 - .959 = -.30 if angle is in radians
    .121 - .087 = .0347 if angle is in degrees
    I suspect you left a pi out or something.

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