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In England, during the 16th century, why did the people then not take a bath regularly? Why did they carry around nosegays (if anyone thinks this word is funny, it is not because it means small bouquet)?
Did they carry around the nosegays to help make their bad smell a little easier to take?

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    In England, during the 16th century,, people did not take a bath regularly because they believed that the water could carry a disease into the body through the skin. And yes, they used nosegays to try to cover up their smell.

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    Why would they take baths? They didn't have modern plumbing or running water. If they wanted hot water, they got it by using a hand pump, bringing it inside, and heating it in a large pan over the fire in the fireplace. Also, there was some superstition that baths weren't healthy. Without central heating, homes were cold most of the year in England. Daily showers for most people in the industrialized world only began in the mid-20th-century.

    Yes, the nosegays were to cover the many unpleasant odors around them.

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    Thanks Peeps and Ms. Sue!

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    You are welcome! :D

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