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Masaru works as a salesperson and earns an hourly wage plus commission.He works 35 hours per week, at a rate of $11.75 per hour. His commission is about $125.00 per week. his expenses account for about 85% of his income.
A. How much money does he put into savings in one year?
i got 35x11.75=411.25+125.00=536.26x0.85=455.8125
i then subtracted 536.25-255.8126=80.4372 and multiply by 12 and got $965.2464. Can you tell me if this is correct?
B. Masaru spends about 7200.00 a year on rent. What percent of his income does this represent?
how do you do this?

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    Whoops made a mistake i subtracted 536.25 by 455.8125 and got 80.4372

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    Masrau makes about $536.25 a week.

    536.25 * 52 = 27,885 yearly income

    0.15 * 27,885 = 4,182.75 yearly savings

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    Thank you Ms.Sue :) can you help me with B?

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    You're welcome, Sim.

    100(7200/27,885) = ?

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