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Country Workshop manufactures both finished and unfinished furniture for the home. The estimated quantities demanded each week of its rolltop desks in the finished and unfinished versions are x and y units when the corresponding unit prices, in dollars, are described, respectively, in the following equations.
p = 310-1x-1/2y

q = 730-1/2x-1/7y
(a) What is the weekly total revenue function R(x,y)?

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    R(x,y) = xp + yq
    x(310-1x-1/2y) + y(730 -1/2x -1/7y)

    310x -x^2 -1/2xy + 730y -1/2xy -1/7y^2

    = -x^2 -1/7y^2 -xy + 310x + 730y

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