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Write a function that takes one positive integer value (call it n) as a parameter and produces the sum of the integers between 1 and n.

Hint: The sum of the integers from 1 to n is n*(n+1) all over 2

I know this is how the function should look but I am unsure of how to write the actual code!


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    In Visual Basic Form..

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    Create a full program with proper instructions for the user that asks the person to choose between the following options:

    Find out if a year a leap year
    Number of days in a month for any given year
    Print out the number of days in a year, a leap year, and weeks in a year.
    After the user makes their choice calculate the appropriate answers and give fully defined answers. In other words do not simply return True or False for the first choice, give a full response such as "2012 is a leap year."

    Properly test the user inputs and respond with error instructions if a wrong or invalid choice is made.

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