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Hector has $450 and saves 20 per week. Tim has $1200and spends $30 per week.write a system equation for this situation

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    what situation? How much each has in savings? How much is left over after saving? How much more one has than the other at some time? when their savings are equal?

    If you want some help, you need to present a question.

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    Hector cash = 450 + 20 t
    Tim cash = 1200 - 30 t

    Are you interested in how many weeks until they are equal?
    If so
    1200 - 30 t = 450 + 20 t

    50 t = 1200-450

    t = 15 weeks

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    To Steve: I just copy that from my child's textbook as it is. Thank you for your great advice, I'll forward it to his math teacher.

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    To Damon: thank you so much for your help :))))))

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    At Bobs diner, it costs $8.00 to purchase two hamburgers and one order of fries. The "family pack" costs 30.00 and comes with six hamburgers and six orders of fries. If the prices are constant,how much does one hamburger cost? Use system of equations to solve.

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