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An architecture provides a framework within which to identify, design, code
and test the components or subsystems required for your game. It is necessary
to know the purpose of each subsystem, what they exactly do, and which other
subsystems they communicate with and how they interface with those
One potential Game Architecture identifies three (3) primary subsystems (each
of which of can be further subdivided into their own subsystems):
• The game Application Layer deals with the hardware and the operating
• The Game Logic Layer manages your game state and how it changes
over time.
• The Game View Layer presents the game state with graphics and
(i) Describe, in detail, the purpose of the Game Logic Layer and how it
interfaces to the other two primary subsystems.

(ii) The Game Logic Layer could be designed to incorporate an Event
Management component. Explain the advantage(s) of employing an
Event Based Architecture. Provide a simple example of how the Event
Management component interacts with other components in this

(iii) Identify two other components that may be included in the Game Logic
Layer. Describe their purpose and the role they play within this

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