Chemistry. Please :(

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1. If 23.00 grams of carbon dioxide and 18.75 grams of water are formed from the combustion reaction. What is the percent yield for CO2 and H20. How much in grams of the excess reactant remains?

2. Balance the equation and determine the mass in grams of hydrogen gas produced when 3 moles of tungsten react with excess oxalic acid to produce tungsten oxalate and hydrogen gas

  • Chemistry. Please :( -

    1. What combustion reaction?
    2. W + 2H2C2O4 ==> W(C2O4)2 + 2H2
    Note: I would not think the above is the correct formula for tungsten oxalate but this was the only reference I could find.
    3 mol W x (2 mol H2/1 mol W) = 6 mols H2 gas.
    mass = mols H2 x molar mass H2.

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