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1. what was one immediate effect of the Cold War on South Carolina and the nation?
a. travel for pleasure was drastically reduced
b. it was more difficult to obtain goods from foreign countries*
c. the united states and germany continued to be bitter enemies
d. military bases that served ww2 stayed open or were reopened

2. how did the United States respond to the Soviet blockade of Berlin?
a. the US airlifted materials into berlin.*
b. the US declared war on the soviet union
c. the US cut off diplomatic relations with the soviet union
d. the US sent troops and airplanes to rescue the people in berlin

3. what is the greatest impact of the cold war?
a. it kept tourists from visiting the soviet union
b. it caused a large number of people to fear nuclear war
c. it kept the US and the soviet union from becoming friends

4. What was the original purpose of the United Nations
a. to mediate world conflicts*
b. to police the building of nuclear weapons
c. to try world leaders who break international law
d. to provide armed forces for nations who are attacked

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    3 i put "d. it cost a great deal of money to defend the united states from imminent attack."

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    1 is wrong. The others are right.

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    1. D

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    Yes. 1. d.

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    thanks so much

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    3 was B

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    You're welcome.

    I don't agree with 3 B. What was a large number of people? Were they worldwide or just Americans? I lived through the Cold War -- and I had a greater fear of many other ways of dying.

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    1.) D
    2.) A
    3.) B
    4.) A
    Just got 100%.

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    thanks @slimshady

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    Thank you @Slim Shady (:

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    1.) D
    2.) A
    3.) B
    4.) A
    Slim shady was right, bit IM THE REAL SLIM SHADY

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