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social studies (check answers)--Mrs.Sue

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Im a little rusty on these but please bare with me and check them thanks so much


Wealth disparity in Brazil results mostly from

A. unequal land distribution.
B. insufficient arable land.
C. lack of oil and mineral resources.
D. emphasis on cash crop exports.

Brazil’s culture reflects what unique aspect of its colonial history?

A. its Roman Catholic missionary roots
B. its ties to the West African slave trade
C. its rule and settlement by the Portuguese
D. its peaceful blending of native and European peoples

What forces combined to institute a Brazilian republic in 1888?

A. powerful coffee planters and abolitionists
B. owners of sugar and coffee plantations
C. poor farmers and military insurgents
D. guerilla leaders and wealthy landowners

You work for President Lula’s government. You are most likely to support

A. tax cuts for corporations.
B. privatization of industry.
C. redirection of oil wealth to provide social services.
D. budget cuts to education and health care.

Deforestation in the Amazon River basin has largely resulted from

A. a decline in conservation efforts.
B. an increase in economic development.
C. efforts to control season flooding.
D.the search for fossil fuels.

  • social studies (check answers)--Mrs.Sue -

    I agree with your answers for 2 and 3.

  • social studies (check answers)--Mrs.Sue -

    Ok. Well its good that you agree but what is the answer to the other ones. Or better yet can you help me find the answer, and no not just a link to a wiki page. :(

  • social studies (check answers)--Mrs.Sue -

    1. 3 is A.
    2. Where can we find information on these questions?

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