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6.You want to emphasize the characteristics that unite the nations of Caribbean South America today. On which topic are you most likely to focus?

A. cultural influences
B. government leadership
C. political insurgents trade agreements

7.Leftists rebels in Colombia would be most likely to

A. redistribute land to the poor.
B. support a military dictatorship.
C. reinstitute minority control of resources.
D. outlaw illegal drug trafficking.

8.Omar’s experiences in the Andes most reflect the struggles faced by many Bolivians as a result of

A. scarcity of natural resources.
B. undemocratic forms of governance.
C. economic emphasis on mining.
D. nationalization of industry.

9.Vertical climate zones in the Andes have

A. limited human settlement of the region to low-lying areas.
B. enabled farmers to grow a wide variety of crops.
C. provided for rich mineral resources.
D. secured nations in the region against attack.

10.How did the Inca most likely manage to rule such a vast mountain empire?

A. through superior weapons
B. by building their cities in the lowlands
C. through organized trade and networks of roads
D. by focusing on religious worship

  • social studies check answers -

    6. Right
    7. Wrong
    8. I don't know
    9. Wrong
    10. Wrong

    Please stop wasting your time and our time by guessing.

  • social studies check answers -

    Im not guessing i swear its just hard for me to understand it

  • social studies check answers -

    forget i said that its a waste of your time but thanks for the check

  • social studies check answers -

    which answer is it?

  • social studies check answers -

    if you are from connexus the answers to the test are:

    1. c
    2. b
    3. c
    4. b
    5. c
    6. a
    7. b
    8. c
    9. a
    10. c
    11. a
    12. c
    13. b

  • social studies check answers -

    i hope those are right

  • social studies check answers -

    were they????

  • social studies check answers -

    Are those right

  • social studies check answers -

    if there ni=ot ill tell

  • social studies check answers -

    those answers are wrong

  • social studies check answers -

    was boo right ???

  • social studies check answers -

    I just took the test and got a 13/13 boo is 100% correct trust me

  • social studies check answers -

    6 d 7 a 8 c 9 b 10 c

  • social studies check answers -

    These answers are wrong!!!! I failed the Test!

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