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Food and Nutrition

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Children's Parties

The stage 'children (ages 4-12 years)

Relationship between nutritional needs and:

- physical challenges
-emotional challenges
-social challenges


i just need some points..

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    What ideas do you have about children's nutritional needs and food served at parties?

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    i don't really know...

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    It seems obvious that neither of us understands this assignment. Please ask your teacher for help.

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    I understand the assignment..i just can't think of some points that is why im on this website.. you don't understand what im trying to ask??

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    I need to find the relationship between nutritional needs and :
    -social challenges
    -emotional challenges
    -physical challenges

    at childrens parties.
    I just want some points so I can expand my powerpoint

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    You'll need to think of some specifics, some children's dietary needs that don't apply to all.

    What about a child who has type 1 diabetes?
    What about a child who has a glut-1 deficiency?
    What else can you think of?

    Read, read, read, and take VERY good notes:

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    this is only about a children's parties wut affects their nutrtion for example a social challenge can be what their friends are eating they will eat. STUFF LIKE THAT

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    Social challenges:
    Will the children be polite and eat what is served?
    Will the children go along with the hosts plans or follow the leadership of other children?

    Emotional challenges:
    What happens if the child has had a bad experience with a particular food that is served at the party?
    Will the children try a new food?

    Physical challenges:
    What about allergies or physical intolerance of the foods served?
    Can the child without front teeth eat corn on the cob?

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    thankyou this is what I needed. I appreciate your help

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    You're welcome.

    Whew! I'm glad we finally understood this assignment!

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