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Physical, emotional and social challenges meeting needs for life stage children ages (4-12 years)

for the following points :
-- lunches
-- children's parties

Can i just get some points to make my presentation? pls help me if u can :)

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    What is the purpose of your presentation?

    Are you supposed to plan menus for children's lunches and parties? What are your dietary and nutrition guidelines?

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    "in small groups students will choose a lifespan stage (mine being "children (ages 4-12 years")and my description (some lifespan points to consider) are lunches and children's parties. After an investigation of the stage, students will conduct a group presentation and complete assigned tasks as identified on the assinment handout.

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    Students will research one stage of the lifespan to explore the relationship between nutritional needs and the phyical, emotional and social challenges of meeting these needs. F or each lifespan stage students must research, identify and examine factors that affect the nutritional health of individuals and food choices (i.e. senoirs - dental health)

    MY LIFE STAGE : Children ( 4-12 years)
    DESCRIPTION ( LIFESPAN POINTS) : lunches ; childrens parties

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    Lunches should be balanced with a variety of foods from the food groups. Be sure to include veggies like ants on a log for the younger children. Carrot sticks, grapes, and apple slices are also good.

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    this isnt a food store collection........... i need points for a powerpoint...

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    What message do you want to convey in your powerpoint?

  • Food and Nutrition -

    well that's why i was asking you for some ideas on my topics.

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