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Please use this for the portfolio. You will need graph paper.

1. Start with Triangle ABC with vertices: A(0,2), B(2,5), C(3,0)

2. Find slope of side AB and BC

3. Now TRANSLATE the Triangle 4 units left, and 2 units up (x-4,y+2) and give the new vertices to find A', B', C'

4. Find the slope of AB' and BC' .....(the slope of AB and BC AFTER the Translation above).

5. Now take the Triangle from #3 and REFLECT it over the X-axis and give the new vertices of A", B", C".

6. Find the slope of AB" and BC"....(the slope of AB and BC after the reflection above)

  • geometry -

    2. m AB = (5-2)/(2-0) = 3/2.
    m BC = (0-5)/(3-2) = -5/1 = -5.

    3. A'(-4,4), B'(-2,7), C'(1,2).

    4. m AB' = (7-4)/(-2+4) = 3/2.
    m BC' = (2-7)/(1+2) = -5/3

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