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The presence of ammonia in a solution of AgCl will decrease the solubility of AgCl.

True Or False

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    Absolutely false. It will increase the solubility BECAUSE of the formation of the complex Ag(NH3)2Cl
    AgCl + 2NH3 ==> Ag(NH3)Cl

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    The standard enthalpy of fusion of iodobenzene is 9.75 kJ/mol at its melting point, 241.8 K. What is the standard change in entropy for the melting of iodobenzene at its melting point?
    A) –9.75 J/(mol • K)
    B) –311 J/(mol • K)
    C) 0.0403 J/(mol • K)
    D) 40.3 J/(mol • K)
    E) 0.0189 J/(mol • K)

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