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Multiply a 3- digit number by a 1- digit number

1/in a package of pencils , 8 are yellow and 4 are blue . How many yellow pencils are in 426 packages?
The answer:
12*426= 5,112

2/ A single pencil can draw a line equal to the length of 616 football fields! If you wanted to draw a line equal to the length of about 3,000 football fields, would you need 3,4, or 5 pencils? Explain.

3/ The school store has 3,000 pencils. They want tostock an eraser for each pencil . The eraser come in bags of 250 . The store ordered 9 bags. Will they have an eraser for each pencil? Explin
No , explain,,
250*9= 2250

Please ,, help me to solve the problem 1,2,3

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    #1 - forget about the blue pencils. There are 8 yellows in each package. So, in 426 packages, there are 8*426=3408.

    Note that the title of the problem set was "Multiply a 3- digit number by a 1- digit number". That should have been a clue that your approach was wrong.

    #2 - multiply and check:

    3*616 = 1848
    4*616 = 2464
    5*616 = 3080

    So, which is closest to 3000?

    So, whatcha think? Are 2250 erasers enough for 3000 pencils?

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    1. Why did you multiply by 4? You only need to find the total of yellow pencils.

    2. 3000 / 616 = ?

    3. Right.

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