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It's called Mike's Online Biology: MOB University.

Click physics Tutoring tab -> chapter 9 -> scroll down to question #13 with video below it. I used it as a guide.

  • Physics -

    I found it all right. He has a pretty convoluted way of explaining it but it is the same thing. I have no idea why he converted to cm^3 rather than to meters^3 from Liters
    1000 Liters = 1 m^3
    1 Liter = 1000 cm^3
    1 m^3 = 1,000,000 cm^3
    but it is standard to work in meters, kg and seconds

  • Physics -

    You understand that he used quite different numbers in his example, D = 2.71 diameter
    24 liters instead of 25
    1.1 instead of 1.4 min

  • Physics -

    Yep, it was a bit confusing, but I just looked at what he was doing and used my numbers.

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