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Below are descriptions about the programs that are designed to help prevent suicide. Which statement is true?

A. CBT because it teaches the skills needed to deal better with upsetting situations.

B. DBT, sometimes called collaborative care management, uses a team approach.

C. DCM because it can help people learn new ways of dealing with stressful experiences by training them to consider alternative actions when thoughts of suicide arise

D. None of the above

I think it's not A, and B

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    A. CBT helps people learn new ways of avoiding stressful experiences through withdrawal is the answer.

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    All of them are not true so I put the answer D, I will tell later if I was right

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    Hope this helped. Found it at weegy.

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    Correct answer was D

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    A was correct for me

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    so which one is it? none or CBT?

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    It is D. None of the above
    All the statements sound correct but have incorrect descriptions. DCM is not a program and the description for it is actually CBT. DBT is not collaborative care management.

    Additionally, I have completed that particular Exam and received 100 pts.

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    Ashley and mix_lks I go with D. too. Like Ashley said, A.,B., and C. have incorrect descriptions.

    I am doing that Exam too.

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