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6. Winston’s baseball team had the bases loaded in the last inning when his friend Freddie watched three straight pitches go by without swinging and was called out on strikes to end the game. How can Winston demonstrate responsible behavior in this situation?

Ask the coach sarcastically, in front of the team, if he gave Freddie the take sign.
Confront Freddie and let him know that the team would have won if he could hit.
Ignore Freddie both after the game and the next day at school.
Tell Freddie that no one is perfect and to keep his confidence up. ********

7. Geoff was called out on strikes on what he thought was a ball completely out of the strike zone. He remembered his coach telling all the players before the game to use good judgment and hold their temper even if they thought a call by the umpire was incorrect. How can Geoff show appropriate etiquette after he struck out of the game?

Jog back to the dugout realizing he needs to swing at anything close. ********
Throw his bat on the ground and storm back to the dugout.
Turn around and glare at the umpire in defiance.
Yell and complain to the umpire once he is seated back in the dugout.

8. Mr. Pillsbury was concerned that when his PE class was dividing themselves up to practice at the striking skills stations, most of the students grouped themselves with students of like cultural backgrounds. Mr. Pillsbury can best ensure his students get a chance to participate with a diverse group of students by having them group together by

Birthday Month*********
Favorite Holiday
Favorite Season of the Year
Hair Color

9. What is a calorie?

The energy supply found in food that the body uses to function*******
Then energy supply found in water that the body uses to function
The energy supply that helps the body sleeps through the night
The energy supply that helps the body burn excess fat while dieting

10. Based on calorie consumption and expenditure, which person will most likely lose weight fastest?

Hank takes in 2,200 calories a day, and uses 2,500 calories during the day.
Lakota takes in 2,500 calories a day, and uses 2,550 calories during the day.
Kirby takes in 1,900 calories a day, and uses 2,000 calories during the day. ******
Johnny takes in 2,000 calories a day, and uses 2,500 calories during the day.

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    I agree with all of your answers except for # 5.

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