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Health and Physical

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1. Melody enjoys playing team sports, such as baseball and soccer. Which organization would provide her the best opportunity to participate in these activities?

Parks and recreation center*********
Private school
A local gym
A faith based organization

2. Abner participates on the track and field team. He currently runs a mile in 7 minutes and 30 seconds, and has won his last four races. However, he set a goal to run a 6-minute mile. Which phrase best explain Abner’s motivation?

Desire to improve skill*********
Desire to build his confidence
Desire to win his next race
Desire to overcome difficulties and succeed

3. At the mall, John and three of his friends are waiting for the movie to start. One of his friends has an older brother who says he can get them all into the movie for free if they go around to the back of the building and come in through the employee entrance when the manager goes on break. John feels pressured to go along with the group but also knows it’s not the right thing to do. How should John handle this situation?

Agree to do it just this one time.
Go with the group as it’s not really stealing since the seats were going to be empty anyway.
Let his friends know he thinks it’s wrong to sneak in and call his dad for a ride home.
Pay his own admission and meet up with his friends knowing they got in without paying********

4. Which of the following is an example of positive peer pressure?

Mark asks his friend let him look at his homework.
Gavin asks his friend to make fun of other students.
Lila asks her friend to join the tutoring club at school*******
Sierra asks her friend to skip class and go to the mall.

5. How can negative peer pressure impact an individual’s choices and behaviors?

It can teach an individual to listen and then respond to others’ statements.********
It can teach an individual to be assertive.
It can help an individual to develop a plan for the future.
It can help lower an individual’s self-esteem and confidence.

  • Health and Physical -

    I agree with your first four answers. I don't know about 5. Be sure to check your book.

  • Ms. Sue..... -

    Thank You! for checking Ms. Sue! :)

  • Health and Physical -

    You're welcome, Cindy.

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