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1) Which element has the largest first ionization energy? A) Rb, B) Fr, C) K, D) Na, E) Mg
Answer: E

2) Which has the highest electronegativity?
A) Na, B) Cs, C) Si, D) Te, E) Cl
Answer: E

3) In which of the following are the bonds arranged in order of increasing polarity? A) H-F, O-F, F-F, B) H-F, F-F, O-F, C) F-F, H-F, O-F, D) F-F, O-F, H-F, E) O-F, F-F, H-F
Answer: C)

4) How many of the following contain at least one polar covalent bond? KNO3, HCl, F2, CO. A) 0, B) 1, C) 2, D) 3, E) 4
Answer: C)

5) Which of the following properties decreases as we move from left to right across the periodic table? A) Ionization energy, B) Atomic radii, C) # of valence electrons, D) Electronegativity, E) Two of the above
Answer: B)

  • Chemistry - check answers -

    All of these look ok except 3. C is not right for 3. Look up the electronegativity of each element and subtract to find the relative polarity of each compound.

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    Would D) be correct for 3?

  • Chemistry - check answers -

    Yes, but you show know this is correct from
    F-F = 4.0-4.0 = 0
    O-F = 4.0-3.5 = 0.5
    H-F = 4.0-2.1 = 1.9

    F-F is least polar
    H-F is most polar.

  • Chemistry - check answers -

    Got it. Thanks a lot!

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