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1.How would Bolivian society today most likely be different, if not for its Spanish colonial past?

A. It would not have social inequalities of any kind.
B. It would have a smaller population of indigenous peoples.
C. It would not be dominated by a wealth landholding class of European descent.
D. It would have few people of mixed race or European descent and little diversity.

2.Which division within Bolivia depends most directly on geography?

A. distribution of resources
B. distribution of land
C. distribution of wealth
D. distribution of tribal affiliation

3.Why did a majority of people in the eastern part of the country most likely vote against Evo Morales?

A. Morales was from the western part of the country.
B. They feared that Morales would institute reforms reducing their wealth.
C. They worried that Morales would reestablish a military dictatorship.
D. Morales did not spend enough time campaigning in that part of the country.

  1. Ms. Sue

    All your answers are right.

    You're doing great lately, Matt. :-)

  2. matt


  3. matt

    number 2. was wrong but i still got a good grade i guess :D

  4. Klynn

    The correct answers are

  5. Isabelle

    I don't this and the correct answers are1. C 2.a 3.b

  6. no one

    klynn is correct

  7. Exar Kun

    wow Ms. Sue you screwed him over. He got like a 66%

  8. Bij

    shuj thj fuj uj nijja


    Thank you. I had trouble with this one.

  10. pankakes

    klynn & isabelle thx alot i got a 3/3 on my test thx again guys

  11. Anonymous


  12. Michael


  13. Kim

    Wow thank guys:p

  14. Hares

    Are you sure

  15. Celsea

    the answers are correct

  16. MMA

    1. C
    2. A
    3. B

    These are the 100% correct answers I just took my test

  17. Yes 100%%%%%%%%%%%%

  18. Anonymous


  19. sassy girl2

    thxs for all of your help

  20. Autumn

    Thank you all! 100% :)

  21. Megan

    Bolivia Divided Quick Check
    1. C
    2. A
    3. B

    100% Thank you Klynn

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