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what is a good topic to write about for a personal essay? it has to be something that is meaningful. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!

  • english-essay writing topic -

    What is meaningful to YOU?

  • english-essay writing topic -

    i don't know please help me :(

  • english-essay writing topic -

    it has to teach the audience something so i'm kinda stuck on what to do. please help me!

  • english-essay writing topic -

    someone please give me a good essay writing topic pleaseeee!

  • english-essay writing topic -

    No one can tell you what to write since only you have memories of your own life. However, you should think of times you remember clearly so you have sufficient detail to include.

    This webpage gives you the steps to follow for writing a good, complete essay.

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    What do you know that you can teach others?

    Do you know how to
    -- play a musical instrument?
    -- ace tests?
    -- get siblings to do chores for you?
    -- play basketball or other sports?
    -- embroider?
    -- play a computer game?
    -- sew?

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    i was kinda thinking of writing about procrastination and how i keep things till the last minute. since it has to be about a particular event i could write about a time that i have learnt not to keep things till the last minute. this is something that i've learnt myself and i could teach others. i'm not really sure about this topic though. is it good?

  • english-essay writing topic -

    Great idea!

  • english-essay writing topic -

    thanks for the help! :)

  • english-essay writing topic -

    Don't wait to start writing...

  • english-essay writing topic -

    whats a thesis? i forgot

  • english-essay writing topic -

    What about your dog? Write about your dog. He's meaningful to you, right?

  • english-essay writing topic -

    i don't have a dog and what is a thesis?

  • english-essay writing topic -


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