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A weekly census of the tree frog in a park is given

week population
1 18
2 54
3 162
4 486
5 1458
6 4374

a. find the function of the form f(x)=Pa^x that describes the frog population at time x weeks.

b. what's the growth factor in this situation? (that is, by waht number must this week's population be multiplied by to obtain next weeks population?)

c. each tree frog requires 10 squre feet of space and the park has an area of 6.2 square miles will the space required by the frog population exceed the size of the park in 12 weeks? in 14?

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    Andy, I have done quite a few for you now.
    Give this one a try, let me know what you get.

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    a. f(x)=6(3)^x
    c. no, yes

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