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I have discovered a new chemical compound with the formula A2B. If a saturated solution of A2B has a concentration of 4.35x10-4M.

a) What is the concentration of B2- ions?
b. What is the concentration of A1+ ions?
c. What is the solubility product constant for A2B?

Can you please show me how to do all of these problems if you know the concentration of the solution.

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    Reason your way through it. I assume A2B is a solid.
    .........A2B --> 2A^+ + B^2-

    For every molecule of A2B that dissolves, you must have two (2) ions of A^+ and one (1) ion of B^2-; therefore, for every 4.35E-4 mols A2B that dissolve, you must have 2*4.35E-4 mols A^+ and 4.35E-4 mols B^2-. right?
    Then Ksp must be (A^+)^2(B^2-) = (2*4.35E-4)^2(4.35E-4) = ?

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