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1) There are two pet stores in zacharys town. There are dogs, cats, and hamsters at the first pet store. The second store has dogs, rabbits, and fish. Write a set that represents all of the different pets stores in the town.

2) of the 125 students in an elementary school, 89 students play checkers and 45 students play checkers and chess. How many students in the school play checkers?

3) Identify all the subsets of {2,9}

4) The cheerleading squad is having a bake sale. They want to bake at least 120 cookies. They made 12 cookies the first hour and 24 cookies the second hour.
a)Write an inequality that describes the scenario. Let Variable h represent the number of hours that must bake to meet or surpass the goal.

B) How many hours must they work to meet or surpass the goal?

  • Algebra -

    S = {a,b}

    89+45 = 134
    So, the extra 14 students must play both games

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