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1 A ……... is a rectangular array of numbers that are enclosed within a bracket .

2 When the numbers of rows is equal to the numbers of columns equal to 'n'. Where m=n. Then is called…..
a square matrix
a column
a row
a matrix

3 What is this matrix called :
diagonal matrix
proper matrix
zero matrix
square matrix

4 What is another name given to an identity matrix
unit matrix
diagonal matrix
special matrix
triangular matrix

5 Let A be a
square matrix . A is a symmetric matrix if A equal to …….

6 Commpute the matrix :

7 Let A=
and B=
. Find AB

8 Solve the linear equation : 2x+y-3z= 5,3 x-2y-2z= 5, and 5x-3y-z= 16.
(1 , 3 , -2 )
(1 , -3 , 2 )
(1 , -3 , -1 )
(1 , -3 , -2 )

9 Two systems of linear equations involving the same variables are said to be ......, if they have the same solution set.

10 Solve the set of linear equations by the matrix method : a+3b+2c=3 , 2a-b-3c= -8, 5a+2b+c=9. Sove for a

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    even if you don't know #1, it's evident from the other questions that this is an exercise set involving matrices.

    #10: a=2

    Now, what ideas do you have on the others?

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