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We need to read the story The Stone Carvers
I need help with finding important quote s in chapter 1 to 2

  • Grade 10 English -

    Have you read that story?

    How do you determine what's "important" and what isn't?

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    Apparently you haven't read this story yet. After you do so, you should have no trouble finding an important quote.

  • Grade 10 English -

    Well i have read the story... i just asked a question

  • Grade 10 English -

    Have you read the story? Im asking how to identify important quotes

  • Grade 10 English -

    What do YOU THINK are "important quotes" in those chapters?

    I've never read this. and apparently it's not available online.

  • Grade 10 English -

    Ok. Well in the story it uses a lot of descriptions of places and the people... like imagery....

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    Then I would choose at least one that describes a main character and at least one that describes a main place.

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    Ok thank you.

  • Grade 10 English -

    You're welcome.

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